Sticky notes are practically the same as post it notes in a sense that they are both used for jotting down important reminders and notes and they also both come in varying colors. However, the main difference is that post it notes are made of paper and needs a pen for writing on them while sticky notes, on the other hand, is an online application that is virtually available and can be accessed through the use of computers or cell phones.

Sticky notes have become an important tool for those tech savvy individuals who can not live their life without having their gadgets with them. And since this application is designed for writing down anything, it has become very useful for them because this is where they list some reminders and all other important ideas that come to mind that requires them to be reminded of.

By using such application, you are now replacing the use of a pen and a paper. It makes organizing your thoughts much easier because you can simply write it down on the application first and then you can easily edit it for some corrections. This is indeed a very innovative design.

With all the things that are happening around us right now, it is just about right to take note of them through the use of this online application. This is very important so that we can remember the specific things and/or events that have happened which may be necessary for some future development.

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